Furthermore, using a combination of specially developed starting raw materials and taking advantage of the up-to-date technologies and know how, Flontech is able to supply different grades of porous PTFE powders, characterized by controlled pore size and distribution, permeability and water intrusion pressure (WIP). Flontech technical assistance can give the best support in the designing of the final required characteristics and can offer tailor-made specific porous powders upon request.

Typically applied in chemical, semiconductor, automotive and packaging industry and in the field of filters and sensor (lamda sensor, headlights, injection control, airbag…), where the porous PTFE features are ideal for hostile environments.

Porous PTFE is mainly used for the production of filters (dust and water purification filters as well as precision filters for medical/clinical and life science applications ), optical parts (reflectors, spectrometers, photometers), acoustic / sound dampening components (wind screens for microphones, air regulator for speakers) and electrical / electronic insulating items.

Porous PTFE represents a competitive alternative to the expanded e-PTFE and it is characterized by the following main properties:
  • Air flow rates: up to 20 l/hr/cm² at 20 mbar
  • Water intrusion pressure (WIP): up to 1,2 bar
  • Average pore diameter: up to 50 μm
Main Typical Properties of Flontech porous PTFE
Typical Properties\ Grade Test Method Units FT-POR-2 FT-POR-5 FT-POR-10 FT-POR-125
Porosity degree - - Very high porosity High porosity Medium porosity Low porosity
Physical & mechanical  
Bulk density ASTM D4894 g/L 750 730 710 690
Specific gravity INTERNAL g/cm3 1,35 1,40 1,50 1,70
Tensile strength (CD) ASTM D4894 MPa 4,0 5,0 6,0 8,0
Elongation at break (CD) ASTM D4894 % 40 50 60 80
Water intrusion pressure (P H2O) INTERNAL bar 0,20 0,30 0,40 0,55
Air Flow (ΔP 10 mbar) ASTM D737 l/hr.cm² 2,20 1,70 0,70 0,40
Air Flow (ΔP 20 mbar) ASTM D737 l/hr.cm² 4,30 3,50 1,40 0,80
Accessible porosity INTERNAL % 37,0 32,0 27,0 25,0
Total pore volume INTERNAL /g 280,0 210,0 180,0 160,0
Average pore radius INTERNAL µm 5,0 4,0 3,0 2,5

CD: cross direction
Specific grades are available upon request.

(1) determined on a disk of 47x1 mm

The mechanical properties have been evaluated from a 50x50 mm rod. moulded at 30 Mpa and sintered with a total time cycle of 15 hrs, with 2 hrs and 40 min at max temperature of 370°C

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