Fluorinated Thermoplastics FLOMELT PFA

PFA (copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and perfluorovinylether) shows outstanding electrical properties, as well as excellent heat, chemical and weather resistance. Thanks to its fluidity during the processing, the final products made in PFA (especially extruded films) are absolutely porous-free, hence very suitable for electrical applications.

PFA is widely used in the chemical and aerospace industry as well as in the field of coatings, where PFA coating features are ideal for hostile environments.

It is suitable for the production of parts like molded valves, pumps, tanks, filters and pipes, destined to lining processes for chemical corrosion protection and antistatic (ATEX requirements) applications.

Available as unreinforced, reinforced and masterbatches, Flontech can supply both virgin and reprocessed PFA based products, as well as special tailormade compounds.

Some of the most used PFA compounds contain carbon fibers, special conductive carbons and glass fibers.

PFA properties include:
  • Wide service temperature range (up to +260°C).
  • Excellent universal resistance to solvents and chemicals.
  • Low coefficient of friction.
  • Resistance to gases.
  • Anti-adhesion and non-reactivity.
  • Easily workable by injection molding and extrusion.
PF21 G natural Compression
Transfer molding
Injection molding
Chemical linings
Corrosion protection
Stock shapes
PFAC51 G antistatic
PFGFB251 G glass fiber
PFFMS101 G synthetic fluorphlogopite
PFCS101 G calcium silicate
PFSIC101 G silicon carbide

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