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PEEK (polyetheretherketone) offers excellent chemical compatibility and a combination of exceptional properties. It shows and exceptional high resistance to bending and traction and PEEK parts can be used continuously up to 260°C.

PEEK is used in a wide range of industries including medical technology, cable and electrical, aircraft and automotive, machine and apparatus construction industries. It is also suitable for the production of plates, rounds and perforated bars.

Available as unreinforced, reinforced and masterbatches, Flontech can supply both virgin and reprocessed PEEK based products, as well as special tailor made compounds.

Some of the most used PEEK compounds contain glass fibers, carbon fibers, graphite and PTFE.

PEEK properties include:
  • Resistance to very high temperatures and exceptional chemical inertness.
  • High rigidity and hardness.
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion and wear.
  • Low water absorption and therefore high dimensional stability.
  • Excellent resistance to hydrolysis (stability in contact with steam commonly used for example for sterilization).
  • High resistance to radiation.
  • Very low emissions of fumes and toxic gases.
PT21 G natural Compression
Transfer molding
Injection molding
Oil & Gas seals Areospace & automotive seals
PTGFB201 G glass fibers
PTGFB301 G glass fiber
PTCFB301 G carbon fibers Electrical insulation
PTPF201 G polytetrafluorethylene
PTCGP301 G carbon fiber, graphite and PTFE

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