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Established in Ospitaletto in 1998, Flontech was born to meet the growing needs of based PTFE compounds which improve the physico-mechanical properties of the resin, through the introduction of fillers that are engineered and chosen according to the specific application requirements.

The company is located few kilometers far from Milan, between Bergamo and Brescia’s provinces, in the Franciacorta evocative setting, inside the beating heart of one of the most dynamic and productive industrialized areas of the Italian and European panorama.

Flontech became an international renowned company, also thanks to its position, in the middle of the main Fluoropolymer transformation district, proving capable to develop synergies with the leading companies in the area.
Flontech’s quick and significant growth jointly with the goal to develop the business towards new markets brought the company to acquire the ISO 9001 certification in 2003, when the analysis laboratory was renovated, expanded and updated with a new generation of equipments.

Thanks to its own resources and knowledge, Flontech acquired in few years a relevant position among the producers of compounded PTFE in the worldwide market, gaining the collaboration of important international partners who have recognized its role as a precise and reliable supplier.
Guarniflon Group
Flontech own characteristics combined with its potential has attracted the strong interest of important international groups in the sector and in 2010, Flontech was acquired by Guarniflon S.p.A., a world leader in the PTFE processes technology, with its headquarters in Castelli Calepio.

Flontech thus has become a division of Guarniflon, while maintaining its identity, structure and brand, strengths that have always characterized and led it to establish itself among the world market leaders in the production of PTFE-based compounds.

The advent of Guarniflon brought many benefits and new investments have been made to completely update the production line of PTFE-based compounds and to develop and install a new compounding production department dedicated to the production of Thermoplastic Fluoropolymers and PEEK pellets.

Thanks to the Guarniflon acquisition, Flontech Division since 2012 has been able to expand the range of its products, including also Thermoplastic Fluoropolymers PEEK-based compounds and Masterbatches, which are currently being supplied to important international partners with encouraging feedback.
The positive market response and the growing requests of the last years for Thermoplastic Fluoropolymers, PEEK-based compounds and Masterbatches have required further investments which they will enter into force by early 2019 to expand the production capacity and complete the range of available products.
Thanks to its motivated and flexible organization, know-how and high quality standards, Flontech Division has the capacity to follow the development of the fluoropolymer industry, providing solutions for different application areas which are based both on unreinforced and reinforced Fluorothermoplastics like:
Flontech staff is committed to staying updated with the industry innovations and requirements in order to give its customers a continuous technical support and designing tailor-made solutions, which can grant the best customer satisfaction.

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